Plus 45 VIPs & supporters enthralled at Prosper Menko – Winner  official Video Release

Plus 45 VIPs & supporters enthralled at Prosper Menko – Winner  official Video Release

Thursday December 1, 2016 went down memory lane following the wholesome  ‘Winner’ official BBQ video release by Prosper Menko. The rare gospel video release which commenced with interviews on the gospel artiste, followed suit with a flawless red carpet segment with VIPs posing for shots with Menko.


Addressing the VIPs and supporters at the video launch, the Artiste- Menko, communicated profound joy through unhidden emotions for the success of the Winner Video project. Cameroon’s renowned music artiste & master producer of Winner audio Salatiel,  revealed special words to the artiste following his unweavering patience during the audio projects ‘’There is no need bringing in the Frank Edwards, Joe Praize etc. for gospel music concerts here because Prosper Menko is Cameroon’s best gospel artiste I’ve come in contact with…’’ Salatiel revealed.

The mile stone moment; the video projection held supporters spell pound as Menko unveiled the Winner Video package. Blazing expressions were revealed on supporters faces as they broke the silence with testimonies of the ministration of God’d word in the winner audio project.

Prosper Menko Management team heartily express thanks to all who held grazed the video launch event. We specially appreciate & thank our official partner Louis Fame Clothing Studio for their remarkable contributions and Chef Ali of MarayzMolyko Buea for the rich BBQ. Our thanks also goes to Mr. Salatiel & Dr. Nkeng Stephens for mastering the audio and video projects respectively.

Stay tuned for our next events alert! Thanks and God Bountifully Bless You All.

Richie F – Don’t Wanna Die Broke

I Don’t Wanna Die Broke is a single released by Richie F from his upcoming E.P, King Richard on the 25/08/2016. The beat was produced by Ovadoz, the track mastered by Bis

I Don’t Wanna Die Broke is a single released by Richie F from his upcoming E.P, King Richard on the 25/08/2016. The beat was produced by Ovadoz, the track mastered by Bisai Musik and the artwork done at King Chris Graphics by Prosper Menkoh.
I Don’t Wanna Die Broke is a club/ school/ work anthem, meant to motivate people to work hard (hustle). The song is full of meticulously crafted punchlines and messages on a dope trap beat.
The song is bigger than just a song, it is movement whose objective is to create and encourage a certain work consciousness. The song is conveying several messages and life truths, one of which is the fact that you have no control over the kind of family and condition you are born into, but everybody has a fair opportunity of making their lives better through hard work (hustle).
Some quotable lines from the song include;
Everyday me I di hustle, cos I don’t wanna die broke
Working my brain and my muscle, cos I don’t wanna die broke,
Till I make am I go hustle, cos I don’t wanna die broke,

I was born with no doe, and I ain’t gonna die broke,

So when it comes to that work, I swear to God I don’t joke,
I wanna be the best and nothing less, I ain’t settling for nothing

die broke

Download audio here