237Music: Blueprint Hakeem – You Rappers should fix up your lives

Blueprint Hakeem goes off on the entire rap game in new song…

Blueprint Hakeem - Cameroon

The self-made lyrical genius, God Of Ngomgham aka  Blueprint Hakeem finally came through and debuted this new track on his YouTube channel, titled “ You Rappers Should Fix Up Your Lives “.
Like he warned us earlier, it actually is a controversial song that takes aim at every English speaking Cameroonian artist in general and rappers in particular who have suddenly switched to rapping/singing in French in the hope that they will sell more records and become more mainstream if they dropped their English identity in greater favor of a more French oriented style of music.

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It’s no news that for some time now every English speaking artist in the game has suddenly started doing more French lyrics in their songs than they do their own language and even though the songs actually do sell them out to the French markets, they are slowly killing the Anglophones musical identity, something the English fans have been worried about for so long now.
The Bamenda rapper holds nothing back on this one as he pulls out every other rapper who has switched allegiance to the French rap and calls them all, “sickle cell rappers who need Kontri medicine” he also makes it clear in the song that it is not about the language but the power of your music and the lyrical strength of your rhymes. Everybody else who is a fan of real music will identify with this as an honest fact being stated by the outspoken daredevil.

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As a challenge to those who might feel some type of way because of his straight forward nature, Blueprint Hakeem goes on to rap “Wizkid and Davido cam for Douala the concert be flop them be sing na for French?” honestly , I think this line here is as true as it can ever get because seemingly the highest selling acts now in the African music scene are English speaking artists so why will our own English speaking artists in Cameroon all of a sudden want to become French is a show of how short-sighted they are and how much they beg to be accepted by a French following which really doesn’t care about what language your music is made in.
This song has the power to stir up a great deal of controversy because seemingly those artists guilty of the language switch and in dire need of the Blueprint Fix will be in their feelings now and this could lead them to lash out at the outspoken MC.


237Cover: Skiezy Ayenkea – Versace and Devil No Di Sleep (cover)

Dubai Based Cameroonian Rapper Skiezy Ayenkea finally released the highly anticipated  Video  to his Double Cover For Ebako‘s Versace and Jovi‘s Devil Nodi SLeep.

Skiezy Ayenkea

Being the first to ever combine two top notch Rap tracks released in 2017, the  Old rap head proved with his witty punchlines that he still got that gift flowing in his veins. Skiezy Ayenkea delivers a spectacular performance shot at a remote location in Dubai.

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With Such rich Rap content, Skiezy is promising that 2018 will be Much better Music-wise. Enjoy, and let the world Know why Skiezy is your favorite Rapper.

Blueprint Hakeem will allegedly take it out on Cameroonian rappers in new song.

Earlier this week Popular Cameroonian rapper, Blueprint Hakeem, dropped a controversial statement on his official Facebook and twitter pages that he will be releasing a very controversial song this week, on Wednesday 13th.

Blueprint Hakeem
The statement published by the rapper on his page sparked controversy instantly and took a turn for mixed reactions from fans and other artists when yesterday he released the artwork for the song. The artwork stipulated that the song would be a cover on the popular song “You Rappers Should Fix up Your Lives” by M.I Abaga, one of Africa’s greatest ever rappers.
        The original song which sparked immediate media controversy somehow became an instant inspiration for the Cameroonian rapper from Nebangu Muzik who seems to have had enough with the fact that his fellow Anglophone artists have in recent years abandoned the culture of English music and now sing more French than English in their music as a motive for greater exposure and capturing the French markets, a sentiment that the ‘God Of Ngomgham‘ has denied to co-sign with, claiming in his recent interviews and on his social media accounts that it is destructive to the English music culture and even went on to point out the fact that it makes the English artist look lost in a music industry where the French speaking artists do not see the need to prioritize English in their songs.
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         Upon announcing the songs coming, which is being waited for by fans and critics, the controversial and highly versatile artist went on to put up a sample art with a picture of Apollo (the Greek mythological god of music) which instantly sparked another topic of argument between fans who know the significance of the picture and those who were just plain scared in the face of a god.
However you want it, Blueprint, being one of the fastest upcoming acts in the industry today just passed a message out with this art and it is clear that this time he is no longer the god of Ngomgham but the god of the Kamer rap game and the chosen one to rescue the dying hiphop sector of the Cameroon rap game and he intends to do so by staying true and religious to the game while at the same time exposing every flaw with the rest of the other kamer rap artists who have decided to betray their English culture by raping  in another language or totally switching from rappers to singers, all in French language in the hope that it will help them breakthrough easily.
The king of controversy will in a couple of hours from now give us a feel of the dark sides of his “illmind” in his highly anticipated “Fix-up Your Life” cover for the song originally performed by choc boys chairman, M.I.
Till it drops let’s wait for it and hope out of straight honesty Mr Hakeem goes not go overboard to ruffle a few feathers but rather turn some of these rappers turned singers turned francophone back to the right direction and rearrange the rap game once and for good.

237Music: Young Holiday’s Holiweek EP, More Than Rap

 Vanilla Tunes release the abundantly hyped Debut Extended Play (EP) of their front line rapper – YOUNG HOLIDAY. Discover the Revolution in Standards for Cameroon’s Music.young Holiday - HoliweekHoliweek, The EP” is not just a week’s tale as in 7 days! Holiweek is a movement and brand which hopefully, is going to transcend time and space. The Holiweek spells out the change we all seek in the entertainment industry. This well packaged catalog presents to us a Branded Young Holiday spitting flames in 7 top notch rap songs, beautifully designed clothing line: hoodies, T-shirts, Caps, and an easy way for fans and supporters of industry to conveniently purchase the EP.


At the end of the Holiweek season, we can assure you that either of the following must have happened:

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(2) You called Young Holiday, “The best Rapper”

(3)You bought the “Holi-Merchandise” (hoodies, T-shirts, Caps)

(4) You participated in the holiweek selfie contest or

(5) You learned from the Holi-Experience (packaging, promotion, marketing etc.)

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The success of the HoliWeek Season starts with you: you can buy the EP with just 1000frs via Mobile Money (Instructions available at http://www.holiweekep.com), you can spread the good news about the EP, you can participate in the Holi Contest, you can become a distributor of the CDS. Whatever role that suits you, we kindly beseech you to pour in your weight and be glad to be part of Change.young Holiday - Holiweek


This is the chance we have all been waiting for. Let’s make it count, let’s be part of the movement, let’s bring the change we need, and above all, Lets Enjoy Good, Purposeful Music.

EP Available (via mobile money) at the official Website : www.holiweekep.com  #HoliweekEP


237Profiles: Get to know Cameroonian Rapper, Ngoma

Popularly known for flowing in his mother tongue Ngemba, meet Ngoma…

He is called  Atanga Schneider Ngomah a.k.a “Ngoma“. He is a Cameroon-based HipHop and High life recording artist, born and raised in Limbe, though originally from ‘Awing’ in the North West Region, Cameroon.
This talented Cameroonian rapper has a Unique sound and his creativity is demonstrated in his rap style which combines the local 90’s sound with urban contemporary style, thus producing Art. His rap comprises of four languages, i.e English, French, ‘Pidgin’ English and Ngemba (his native tongue) demonstrating his lyrical strength & unique rap style.
Ngoma Cameroonian rapper
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Already with four singles and videos out, Ngoma is an Artistic genius with upcoming singles that will sweep the nation. We first got to discover him way back in 2014 when he dropped his first single Afe Nkap. Subsequently after a long break, came SDCC (Sort de ce corps), then we had Ekie. Recently he released a banger titled Mangosi ft Kikoh and Nernos. Giving that he as a solo artist (not signed to any label) You may agree with me that the fact that he takes alot of time to release a song he making sure to dot all the “i”s and cut all the “t”s is one detail he has to be applauded for.
Ngoma Cameroon
Stay tuned to 237Xclusive to get all the latest scoops on his career. Follow him on social media via the following handles
Facebook: @Ngoma
Twitter: @iAmNgoma
Instagram: @iAmNgoma
Photo credit: Studio XL