Qu’Est Ce Qui N’a Pas Marché? See review by @Real_African_Stars

Model, Barbara Clotilde suffers wardrobe malfunction. See what Real African Stars had to say about it.

“Tory deh time short, but we must talkam Oh 0h.  Oh oh my God…” There is not much to say about this picture. It speaks for itself!

Cameroonian model, Barbara Clotilde , based in the US, has always been considered to be one of the best out of Cameroon. She has worked with many photographers in and out of Cameroon and has an impressive portfolio. She seems to be a nudist as she doesn’t hesitate to wear very daring dresses that put her body on display. This particular see through white dress she wore on her birthday  to dinner pulled a lot of attention. This pic caused a frenzy on social media. Different people had various opinions about her look. To more, she suffered a wardrobe malfunction to others she looked gorgeous. What caught our attention is this hilarious review by @real_african_stars on Instagram. Click to watch the video below. Let us know your take on this look in the comment section.

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