237Music: Gasha – Back to life (Official video)

Gasha just released the music video for her single, Back To Life.

Gasha - Back to lifeThis new daylight and nocturnal affaire was shot at Lobe, Kribi on December 2017. The sexy, stunning and soaring visuals upholds a tradition of cinematic music videos from the AFRIMMA Award winning Afro-pop visionary, upping the ante yet again. Realizing the music video for her single Back to life produced by Sangtum, was more of an experience than a simple video shoot. Gasha who has been off the scene for a while now, and greatly missed by the lovers she made with her debut tracks such as “kaki mbere”, “this life”, “fire di burn”, “chill” ft. Eddy Kenzo…has been underground working on her craft and artistic identity for almost 3 years now.

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That time has been the inspiration, and the journey to the “polished shaft” album from which the video for “Back to life” are the first visuals. The visuals are a direct reflection of her spirit. Gasha is a strong believer in free self-expression, and her zeal to break gender, societal, geographical and racial boundaries only gets fiercer.

In her words, this video is “a tiny hint of what goes on in my world”. So welcome to her world and enjoy.

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237Music: Kikoh – Ngrimba (Official video)

Kikoh releases new single titled Ngrimba…

Kikoh x Ngrimba

Blueberry city presents Kikoh in new visuals titled Ngrimba. Ngrimba which means Witchcraft in English was produced by Sangtum. The HD Filmworks directed video portrays the beauty and riches of the grassland culture. In his usual style, Kikoh combines a catchy melody and deep lyrics to bring out a smooth and suave tune.

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Ngrimba is a real life narrative of some of his experiences. He clearly asks haters and non-well wishers to stay off his territory as he is all about positivity. He is one among the many artists to look out for! Download, watch, like, comment and share this beautiful piece of art.

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Brand New: Kikoh – Deposser (Download)

Kikoh releases new single titled Deposer

Kikoh - deposerBlueberry city presents Kikoh‘s new single Deposer. He once more puts on display his versatility and lyrical prowess. Right after his first cypher series “Calamity” deposer produced by Sangtum is here to give you that perfect Afrobeat feel. Listen, like, comment and share…

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Brand New: Ngoma’s Major comeback in Mangosi ft Kikoh & Nernos

Ngoma releases new video titled Mangosi ft Kikoh and Nernos. What a comeback ?!

Ngoma releases new video titled Mangosi ft Kikoh and Nernos

What a comeback ?! Afe Nkap crooner, Ngoma has been off the scene for a very long while. Now he has decided to start his career afresh.

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Ngoma Mangosi

If Mangosi is what going off for so long produced then we forgive him for depriving us of good music for all that while. Dj Pazzo aka Sangtum produced this fire track and Shamak Alharamadji directed it.

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Power house rappers, Kikoh and Nernos both chip in their support to make this project an amazing one.

Mangosi includes appearances from rapper Tutu Biaka and Dijay Karl.