[BrandNew]: Stanley Enow – My Way ft Tzy Panchak & Locko (Official video)

Stanley Enow drops what may be considered by many the biggest collabo of the year, My Way featuring Tzy Panchak and Locko…Stanley Enow - My Way ft Tzy Panchak & Locko 2

My Way, a hustler’s anthem by Stanley Enow features One of Cameroon’s finest Afro pop sensations, Tzy Panchak and Kamer’s sweetheart, Locko. It’s a single with which individuals from various works of life can identify with. Produced by Softouch beats, mixed and mastered by Slimbeatz and directed by Nkeng Stephens. With Cameo appearances from Daphne, Laura Dave, Pit Baccardi, Ivana Ononino, Darling Black, Martin Camus Mimb, Climton Njie, Chinois Yangeu Brice Albin, Dariche Nehdi, Eliane Achu, Fulbert, Jessica Ngoua, we see that Stanley had a goal to bring everyone together and to show other Cameroonians that togetherness is key as it is popularly said in French ‘L’Union fait la force’ .

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Through this video, he portrays ‘unity in diversity’… My Way preaches hard work, prayer, patience and peace. Key attributes that help in growth. Enjoy this new single and do not forget to drop your observations or comments in the comment section below.

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237Gist: Martin Enow pulls out of Motherland Empire

Martin Enow, Manager at Motherland Empire announces that he quits the said record label…

Martin Enow x Stanley Enow

Martin Enow took to his facebook a few mins ago to announce that he was no longer involved in affairs concerning his brother Stanley Enow and that no one should get to him concerning Stanley. He also said if need be the person should get to Stanley directly. This raised eyebrows as we know they both have had a good working relationship for more than 5 years now ( though maybe they might have been huddles we do not know off).

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Martin has always been there for his brother picking his every fight and standing by him. This got us wondering why the sudden change of attitude? What went wrong?

Stanley Enow x Martin Enow

From the recent revelations we have had from Stanley and his team, if everything goes on as planned his career is about to take a huge turn with the coming of his second album. Why then quit before your moment of glory? Meanwhile Martin also revealed he will be live at 3pm today on his Facebook page to spill the beans. Well we just hope this is not another publicity stunt from our entertainers as that seems to be the trend amongst them these days. Subscribe and Stay tuned for more exclusive infos.

OAP, Brice Albin predicts Stanley Enow’s single My Way will be a hit

On Air Personality (OAP), Brice Albin is of the opinion that the collaboration between Award-winning artist, Stanley Enow, Tzy Panchak and Locko will be hit…

Stanley Enow x Tzy Panchak x Locko
Tzy Panchak, Stanley Enow, Locko – BTS My Way video shoot

Industry stakeholders are of the opinion that there is still be a hit song from Cameroon this year. According to critiques, things have been pretty slow. Some blame it on the current political crisis others blame it on the artists and their teams. A few days, Stanley Enow shot a video for a single featuring Tzy Panchak and Locko directed by Nkeng Stephens. The video reportedly has camera appearances from Industry heavyweights like Laura Dave, Daphne, Pit Baccardi.

Tzy Panchak x Stanley Enow x Locko
Laura Dave, Stanley Enow, Daphne, Pit Baccardi – BTS My Way video shoot

Many lovers of Cameroonian music are particularly excited about this video, as they drooled over the BTS pics. The positive reviews have been streaming in as it will go down as one of the most talked about video shoots in the history of Cameroonian Entertainment.

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Brice Albin who was present during one of the scenes got the opportunity to listen to the song beforehand and in a tweet, earlier today predicted it was going to be a hit. Coming from an experienced fellow like him this statement means a lot.

The video will soon be out only then will we be able to tell if he predicted right or not. Meanwhile, stay tuned for more exclusive info and Keep watching Casanova by Stanley Enow

237Gist: How Misleading the word “Support” is to The Cameroonian Entertainment Community

How important is our support towards Entertainers in Cameroon?

Support to Entertainers in Cameroon

Recently a video of David Adeleke AKA as Davido has been circulating the internet. This video which was got from Stanley Enow‘s Snapchat story featured David talking about supporting our OWN. Unfortunately, this video was misinterpreted by a lot of Cameroonians, translated into many other languages (that’s Cameroon for us).

Now let’s talk support in the Cameroon Entertainment Industry. Every day we see posts online screaming “support your own”; do we actually support our own? What is the right way to show support? Is it by ranting support online without actually doing anything to help?

In our opinion support towards an entertainer will be to buy and consume their art. Also,  attend events organized around their art, give them they love and respect they deserve!

Let’s use Vanessa Monjoa’s case against Les Brasseries Du Cameroon as a Case Study

Recently a campaign with the hashtag was started by a journalist, Dulafe Valery. In this campaign, he implored on the Cameroonian community to support him in calling out Les Brasseries du Cameroon. The former was in a bid to get Brasseries to pay up the money promised to this lady who emerged as the winner of the Mutzig Star Competition in 2017. This campaign took a wild turn on Facebook at short notice as influencers and online junkies. They did not hesitate to lend their support towards what they considered a just cause.  Though some remained unbothered reason being the lady in question hadn’t said anything about the issue at hand.

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The big question is, how did that support end up? Vanessa took to her Facebook to announce she has no issues with Les Brasseries du Cameroun and she didn’t ask anyone to fight for her. Some people felt like the said write up didn’t come from her. Then again what can we do? Do we have to force our support on entertainers? Why didn’t she stop Valery when he started the campaign? Why wait for so long to make a statement?

This is just one of the cases in which entertainers have either misused or misjudged our support. What is the real meaning of support when t comes to them?  That brings us back to the topic of this article how important is our support to these entertainers?

237Music: Stanley Enow – Elle est la (Official video)

After releasing freestyle Amazing, Stanley Enow makes a powerful comeback with a new video named Elle Est La. This single is an extract off his forthcoming album.

Stanley Enow releases a new single titled Elle est la…

After releasing freestyle Amazing, Stanley Enow makes a powerful comeback with a new video named Elle Est La. This single is an extract off his forthcoming album.

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Produced by Andy Jemea and directed by SOS Media, this song acknowledges women who are steadfast in relationships, those who are always there for their partners. Given that March is a month during which women are celebrated all over the world we think the release of this single was timely.


237Freestyle: Stanley Enow – Amazing (Download)

Stanley Enow releases new freestyle tune titled Amazing..

Stanley Enow x AmazingAhead of his album release this year, Stanley Enow flexes on some beats to come out with a track titled Amazing. In an interview with 237Xclusive, on the set of UJAMS, Stanley revealed he will be dropping an album this year which will feature a lot of national and international collaborations.

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He also revealed he would be embarking on a National tour starting from Bafoussam and would be partnering with other Cameroonian artists with whom he would love to share the stage during this tour. Stanley has these and much more in store for us this year. While waiting for things to unfold, fans and followers could vibe to this freestyle. Download and let us have your thoughts on this one!

[download id=”12810″]

Maahlox speaks out on Tenor and Stanley Enow

Maahlox gives his take on THE FIANG THE WAY THE YAMO Star, Tenor and  Stanley Enow.

Maahlox‘s interview at radio Africa 2, was explicit, just like his lyrics.

In this video, Maahlox gives his take on THE FIANG THE WAY THE YAMO Star, Tenor and  Stanley Enow. In his opinion, Tenor is revolutionizing hip hop in Cameroon, as he came up with a style that no one had thought of before, and that’s it’s working great for him.

When asked why he doesn’t talk about himself, he said he doesn’t like when people give him fake “points”, that he’s honest with himself and want others to be honest with him as well and tell him straight up when he’s whack.

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As for Stanley Enow, he says that Stanley Enow is a big deception to the rap industry in Cameroon. He thinks started strong and was able to get big sponsors and all, but his music style became trash, which made him lose those endorsements. According to him,  Stanley Enow would’ve been one if not the biggest hip hop artist in Africa by now, reaching bigger platforms than the one he’s currently talking on. Also, Stanley fucked things up for other rappers, as those companies which endorsed him lost faith in the other rappers, seeing how Stanley flopped.

Watch the complete video of Maahlox’s interview!!!


Stanley Enow – Adore you ft Mr Eazi (Official video)

Motherland Empire is back again with thrilling vibes! Stanley Enow releases his very anticipated musical collaboration Feat, Mr. Eazi titled ‘Adore You.’

Stanley Enow. 237Xclusive

It reveals that very tender and hidden side of STANLEY ENOW as he expresses his deep admiration for strong and independent women worldwide. Women  are like lucky charms. Therefore they are to be treasured. Nigerian hit maker, Sammy Gyang produced Adore you and the visuals were shot in NYC.

Available Worldwide via:


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Spanking hot : Stanley Enow – Adore you ft Mr Eazi

Have y’all been waiting for Adore you by Stanley Enow ft Mr Eazi like I have

Motherland Empire is back again with thrilling vibes as it releases it’s very anticipated musical collaboration by African Music Sensation, Stanley Enow Feat Ghanaian-Nigerian born, artist, Mr. Eazi titled Adore You.

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Have y’all been waiting for Adore you by Stanley Enow ft Mr Eazi like I have? Well it’s finally here and am so excited. Let’s all dig in together! Don’t forget to drop your impressions.

237Music: EBAKO – Guap ft Stanley Enow (Official video)

Famos Ent presents Ebako aka Camerican Idol in Guap featuring the Kingkong, Stanley Enow.

EBAKO - Guap ft Stanley EnowFamos Ent presents Ebako aka Camerican Idol in Guap featuring the Kingkong, Stanley Enow produced by Slim Alim and directed by Freebandz Films. Guap was shot in the USA.

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Watch and Enjoy!