237Gist: Syndy Emade finally reveals her baby bump!

Syndy Emade confirms pregnancy rumours…

A few weeks ago rumours errupted concerning Syndy Emade’s pregnancy status. The former finally reveals her baby bump in an exquisite pictures. She took to her IG a few mins ago to post this pictures alongside a very heart warming letter to her unborn child.

Though she hasn’t made mention of the father we couldn’t help but drool over these lovely pictures. Syndy is currently in the US after shooting 8 different movies this year.

Syndy Emade - Pregnancy
Photography: Nji Asonganyi Makeup: Era Era Designer: We Trend Ankara

Syndy Emade bags new endorsement deal with Africa Best Beverage

Syndy Emade as of today is the new brand ambassador for Africa Best Beverage…

Talk of a hard working lady! Every other day Syndy Emade wows us with a new achievement. Slowly beating her own records as the days go by. Aside being the brand ambassador for Soleza Cosmetics and Virgin Hair UK, she is now the brand ambassador for Africa Best Beverage.

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Africa Best Beverage is a Portuguese brand that is launching in Cameroon, and they chose Syndy to accompany them through their activation schemes. Congratz Syndy!

Cameroon wins big at the Golden Movie Awards 2018!

The movie A Good time to Divorce bags 6 awards at the Golden Movie Awards…

Cameroon - Golden Movie Awards

The Golden Movie Awards which just held last night is an award ceremony organised to recognise film makers all around Africa who are doing a great job. It held at the Hotel Ambassador Movenpick, Accra, Ghana. Cameroon was represented by movie stakeholders; Alenne Menget and Syndy Emade.

Cameroon - Golden Movie Awards

Cameroon - Golden Movie Awards

5 Cameroonian movies made it to the nomination phase and A good time to divorce was the movie of the night. Cameroon was given a standing ovation during the ceremony as Alenne and Syndy walked up to collect the Overall Golden Movie Award.

It won awards in the following categories;

Golden Art Director: Arnurin Nwenubom

Golden Script writer: Nkanya Nkwai

Golden Drama movie: Nkanya Nkwai

Golden Director: Nkanya Nkwai

Golden Actor in a Drama: Alenne Menget

Overall Golden Movie: A Good Time To Divorce

Other wins for the night were as follows;

Golden Makeup Artiste: Nodryn Evanci (Forbidden)
Golden Costume: Awenseba AliAkpajiak (Baabani)
Golden Short Film: Iterum (Again)
Golden Editor: Bernard Makosa (10 Day in Suncity)

Golden Soundtrack (Original): O.C. Ukeje (Potato Potahto)
Golden Promising Actor:Eman Sinare (Baabani)
Golden Supporting Actor (Comedy): Richard Mofe Damijo (10 Days in Suncity)
Golden Supporting Actress (Comedy): Joke Silva (Potato Potahto)

Golden Indigenous Movie (Twi/Swahili/Hausa): Baabani
Golden Cinematography: Stanlee Ohikhuare (Idahosa’s Trail)
Golden Editor (Video):Yaw KarkonAmpomah (Before the Vows)
Golden Supporting Actress:Ebele Okaro (What’s Within)

Golden Actress (Comedy): Nana Ama McBrown, Sika Osei, Lydia Forson (Side Chic Gang)
Golden Actress (Drama): Lilian Echileon (Black Rose)

Golden Movie (Comedy-Story): Rachel Adiku (Side Chic Gang)
Golden Documentary: One GH (Tramadol Documentary)

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Yesterday was a defining moment for the Cameroon Film Industry and certainly will go down in history. It goes a long way to show that our film makers have been putting in alot of work and efforts. Also we believe this win will attract more positive moves towards the growth of the Cameroon was represented by movie stakeholders; Alenne Menget and Syndy Emade. which may include more investors, endorsement deals, collaborations, etc.

In this light, the entire 237Xclusive team will like to heartily congratulate the winners and wish them more success in future. May this be a stepping stone to more great movies from Cameroon.

Syndy Emade and Kang Quintus spotted on a movie set in Nigeria

About a week after A Man for the weekend movie premiere, Cameroonian actress and producer, Syndy Emade is spotted on a movie set in Nigeria alongside US Based Cameroonian actor, Kang Quintus. This movie also features the likes of Daniel K Daniel, Martha Ankomah and Tana Adelana. It is titled Side Chick Chronicles. Below are a few pictures from the set of this movie.

Syndy Emade x Martha Ankomah
Syndy Emade x Martha Ankomah


237Movies: A Man For The Weekend – Trailer

Watch Trailer for A Man For The Weekend

A Man For the weekend

After watching this trailer you sure wouldn’t miss the movie premier! A Man For The Weekend tells us the story of Candace Ayuk (Candy), a young business executive. Driven by her career, she has no time for the pleasures of life, much to the chagrin of her mother who wants to see her settle down. This drives a wedge between the two as Candy finds herself avoiding her mother’s calls for obvious reasons. Fate however plays a prank on her as she finds herself trapped by a promise to her mother, and must pay her a visit over the weekend with her “boyfriend”. A character obviously non-existent in her life. This starts the quest for a man for the weekend, coming to an end when she agrees on a business deal with Bryan Mbah, an intern with her firm, who unknown to her, is a secret admirer.

This is how, Candy and Bryan head off for a weekend at her mother’s were they are joined by her senior sister Christelle who is their mother’s favourite. She is the yardstick by which Candy is always measured, and her husband Richard. We are taken through a roller-coaster weekend wherein age old sibling rivalries emerge, family secrets are revealed. Bryan then gets a better picture of why Candy is the way she is, deepening his admiration for her. The weekend however takes a turn for the worst when Candy’s story turns on its head and her man for the weekend is revealed for who he really is a hired hand. Tempers flare, the family splits in discord with each person going their way, attempting to resume their lives as they were before. Christelle’s marriage is already fragile before the weekend get-away is crumbling.

Candy, hitherto driven and career-minded, finds her thoughts drifting towards Bryan. Their mom now conscious of how unfair she has been to Candy seeks out a means to make amends. In a nutshell, A Man For The Weekend is a romantic comedy that bares everyday family issues. It puts a comic spin to events while accentuating the overriding message that it is ok to be you, stay true, be patient and let life happen. This movie was shot on location in Limbe and Bonanjo in Douala. Produced by Syndy Emade and Directed by the multiple awards winning Director, ACHILLE BRICE.

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