237Music: Tenor – LVMH (Official video)

Tenor drops new visuals titled LVMH …Tenor - LVMH

After his just ended Europe tour, the Universal music protegee, Tenor releases a new EP titled Nnom Ngui and also the visuals for LVMH; an extract from the said EP. LVMH was produced by Mr Behi, Mix and mastered by Ekie Bozeur. The visuals were beautifully put together by Murder X movies.

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One striking detail about this new track is that the rapper who is of a French-speaking background flowed in English. Download below and Enjoy!

237Music: Magasco x Tenor X Mimie X Locko x Mink’s – Donner Donner (Power 2)

Empire presents Magasco, Mimie, Tenor, Locko and Mink’s in new single titled Donner Donner ( Power 2)….

Donner Donner Power 2

Earlier this year, Empire presented Power 1 featuring many industry Heavy weights like Magasco, Tenor, Locko , Rythmz and Mink’s. Everyone was like “wow what a nice collaboration” Little did we know this project was bigger than we thought. Then boom we have a second one titled Donner Donner ( Power 2) produced by Dj Pazzo aka Sangtum and shot by Nkeng Stephens.

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237Xclusive caught wind of the fact that the Power project is intended to be an album which will be released by June this year. Also we would like to know your thoughts on this. Which did you prefer Power 1 or Donner Donner ( Power 2)…

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237Music: Tenor – À L’imparfait (Official video)

 Tenor has released his new single titled Alain Parfait ( À L’imparfait).


The video released by EbangFang En Pire presents comic historical facts as demonstrated by the main character in the music. His behavior is quite humorous and will probably serve as special one for fans who have been hungry for new material since he signed with Universal music.

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It also portrays Tenor’s impressive rap skills  as well as his dancing abilities with a mixture of local and modem colors in style and dress code.


#237XclusiveMCM: 237Xclusive meets Tenor

He is young, vibrant, energetic and talented… He has been electrifying stages around Africa for the past months and today we are honoured to have such a great talent on our platform. Meet Mr Le Fiang Le way Le Yamo AKA Tenor! Without much ado let’s get down to business…



237xclusive : Hi Tenor and welcome to our platform. First we would like to know; What are your real names?

Tenor : Hello 237Xclusive. Thank you… hahaha well that’s a popular question…my real names are Mengoum Ayea Thierry

237xclusive : That’s a “Beti” name I guess. How did the name Tenor come about ?

Tenor : Well back in the days…I used to be in a church choir…where I got my inspiration to become a musician…and I used to sing in the Third part..the Tenor part…so I just found e name ideal for my music career because that was my foundation. But yet TENOR also signifies “Toucher l’Exellence de la Negritude Ordiner du Rap”.

237xclusive : Wonderful! It’s amazing how a simple name could have such a meaningful acronym. I would never have guesses even in the wildest dreams. Before being a musician, were you and what were your dreams?

Tenor : Eurrr…before being Tenor , Ayea Thierry was just a student at the Lycee Technique d’Edea. I studied Marketing and communication unfortunately I couldn’t write the baccalaureate exams cause I was out of the Country performing at a concert. In my childhood I’ve always wanted to be a musician. To Excel in music. That was my only dream. It’s true I could do other things but I don’t think there’s anything I can do better than music and with as much love and energy.

237xclusive : Mr Le Fiang Le way Le yamo. What does that really mean?

Tenor: Hahaha…like every artist, that’s my own signature..Le Fiang where I’m from means “La Sauce” or food…Le way is “Les Bad things..” and all together on yamo.. “ we enjoy both”.


237xclusive : How do you feel out of war machine…and was it the end of your contract or you just decided to leave? Also, do u intend continuing on your own or getting signed again?

Tenor : Well…my business with War Machine was not a contract. It was more like a family. An elder brother who wanted to help his little brother. And like in every family the son would want to gain his independence. That’s exactly what happened. And on getting signed again..it all depends on the opportunities that show up but for now I’m just interested in giving out good music.


237xclusive: So Mr Le Fiang…do you intend doing music all your life or do you plan on starting up a business..?

Tenor: I’ve actually been thinking of this and for sure I’ll start up a business…a business in music..In some years to come..even if I’m not a rapper..I’ll still be somewhere around the music world because that’s where I belong.

237xclusive : Thanks you so much for the exclusive interview and we wish you well in your career.

Tenor : the pleasure is mine… thank you too

Brand New: Tenor – Bad Things (Official video)

Ebanflang EN PIRE presents Tenor in new video titled Bad Things. Produced by Jordan Eba’a (Ramzy) and directed by Adah Akenji

Tenor breaks the internet with Bad things!

Tenor - Bad things.jpg

Ebanflang EN PIRE presents Tenor in new video titled Bad Things. Produced by Jordan Eba’a (Ramzy) and directed by Adah Akenji, Bad things is a blend of French and English.

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Tenor in bad things tells his partner he wants to get naughty with her. Enjoy and don’t forget to leave your comments below.

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Brand New: Tenor – Bahatland (Official video)

Tenor releases video for single titled Bahatland. Directed by Bejamin Ndongo, produced, mix and mastered by Jordan Eba’a. Watch and enjoy!

Tenor releases video for single titled Bahatland


Rapper, Tenor who a while go released a single titled Bahatland today releases its video.

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Directed by Bejamin Ndongo, produced, mix and mastered by Jordan Eba’a. Watch and enjoy!

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Maahlox speaks out on Tenor and Stanley Enow

Maahlox gives his take on THE FIANG THE WAY THE YAMO Star, Tenor and  Stanley Enow.

Maahlox‘s interview at radio Africa 2, was explicit, just like his lyrics.

In this video, Maahlox gives his take on THE FIANG THE WAY THE YAMO Star, Tenor and  Stanley Enow. In his opinion, Tenor is revolutionizing hip hop in Cameroon, as he came up with a style that no one had thought of before, and that’s it’s working great for him.

When asked why he doesn’t talk about himself, he said he doesn’t like when people give him fake “points”, that he’s honest with himself and want others to be honest with him as well and tell him straight up when he’s whack.

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As for Stanley Enow, he says that Stanley Enow is a big deception to the rap industry in Cameroon. He thinks started strong and was able to get big sponsors and all, but his music style became trash, which made him lose those endorsements. According to him,  Stanley Enow would’ve been one if not the biggest hip hop artist in Africa by now, reaching bigger platforms than the one he’s currently talking on. Also, Stanley fucked things up for other rappers, as those companies which endorsed him lost faith in the other rappers, seeing how Stanley flopped.

Watch the complete video of Maahlox’s interview!!!


Brand New : Tenor – A l’imparfait (Download)

Tenor drops new song titled A l’imparfait!

Rapper, Tenor who is probably one of the best when it comes to free-styling releases a new number. Le Fiang Le Way Le Yamo as he is popularly called titled this one a l’imparfait. Tenor in a l’imparfait conjugates sentences in the most hilarious way ever.

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tenor - a l'imparfait

His fans seem to respond positively to this one as they flood social media with hash tags and reviews. Produced by Ramzy, stream and download a l’imparfait below.

[download id=”9996″]



237Gist: Tenor leaves War Machine Entertainment !

Tenor leaves War Machine Entertainment !

A-list artist, Tenor who has been making waves through out Africa and beyond put up a communiqué on his official face book page announcing he had left War Machine Entertainment; a record label owned by Dex Willy. Tenor affirmed the both separated on amicable terms. Now, Tenor who is currently on tour in Gabon  is now an independent artist.


Mani Bella – Deranger ft Tenor (Official video)

Mani Bella offers you the most video “DERANGER” featuring the rapper TENOR.


Mani Bella offers you the most video “DERANGER” featuring the rapper TENOR. An explosive collaboration between the Pala Pala Woman and the author of the Fiang Le Way Le Yamo.

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This video was directed by the talented Nkeng Stephens in the vibrant city of Douala, Cameroon. This song is available for download on iTunes: http://bit.ly/Deranger and other legal platforms.