237Gist: Tzy Panchak responds to his tour sabotage in new song!

Barely a week in the USA, Tzy Panchak is faced with a sabotage in regards to his upcoming tour. He responds in a song…

The Blu Nation flag bearer arrived for his first ever visit in America on October 2 and now, his music tour which kicked started with a media tour on October 3, is now been threatened by “haters”.tzy panchakIt so happens that, some Anglophone Cameroonians are calling for a boycott of Panchak‘s scheduled music concerts. In their arguments, they claim the singer who hails from the Manyu Division in the South West Region of Cameroon, can not in an interview which lastest over one hour not talk about the on going crisis in Cameroon.

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A flyer carrying Tzy Panchak‘s face and the message “Boycott his show” has since then gone viral on social media. To their greatest dismay fans and supporters of His craft who call themselves Panchak army stood up for him and support him massively. On his part, like a true and talented artist he responded in a song. Watch and let us know what you think. One of the attributes of this talented artist is his ability to respond to situations quickly which is exactly what he did with this song. It may please you to know this song was recorded in an hour.

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Panchak is also scheduled to perform at the Africa Music Magazine Awards (AFRIMMA)  2017 in Dallas on October 8th.