Cameroon Film Festival working towards ameliorating the Cameroon Film Industry!

The award night which took place on April 29th 2017 under the patronage of the Minister of Arts and Culture Mr. Narcisse Mouelle Kombi was a night filed with grandeur hosted by Nene Jimla .

The Cameroon International Film Festival is an initiative of a Cameroonian Filmmaker, Agbor Gilbert with the aim of promoting Cameroonian Film industry through workshops with international filmmakers, creating partnerships and awarding excellence in Cameroon and International film. CAMIFF is a 6- days event that takes place in Buea at the foot of beautiful Mt Cameroon. This event entails entertaining activities rich and diverse in culture. Unfortunately, we could only participate during the last 2 days and I must say it was an amazing experience. Meeting, dialoguing and networking with so many talented individuals is something we would wanna do over and over again.

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The award night which took place on April 29th, 2017 under the patronage of the Minister of Arts and Culture Mr. Narcisse Mouelle Kombi was a night filled with grandeur hosted by Nene Jimla . A lot of other important personalities graced this event. A lot of promises towards the film industry were made by the government and other individuals.

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We can only hope and pray that these promises will begin to materialize. It was a fun-filled evening but aside that we had a lot to take home intellectually. After long film screening sessions and shortlisting, here is the complete list of the awarded filmmakers and movies for CAMIFF 2017.

Best feature film – Overnight Flight

Best short film – Enemy of Time

Best documentary film – Africa

Best Cameroon film – Kiss of Death


Best Actress – Onyama Laura

Best director – George Tiller

Lifetime achievement Award – Tangyie  Peter Suh-Nfor

The event was finalised by a mind blowing performance from Kamer heart throb, Tzy Panchak, who succeeded in getting everyone on their feet dancing and singing along.

We hope for a bigger and better edition next year and also that all the innovative ideas and all the promises made in relation to the movie industry in Cameroon will be realised.

The Truth About Your Attitude

What is Attitude?

Dear Reader,

Your attitude is the composite of your thoughts, feelings and actions.

Let’s take a look at how each of these factors affect your attitude:

Thoughts: Your conscious mind has the ability to accept, reject or ignore ANY idea that flows into your consciousness.
If that idea isn’t internalized, it will have no effect on your physical body.
But let’s take a look at what happens when that idea is internalized…

Your subconscious mind has to accept anything that is impressed upon it. And whatever is impressed upon the subconscious mind dictates the vibration of the body. The nature of the idea that is impressed upon the subconscious mind determines the vibration or the feeling that is expressed.

Feelings: If the idea is negative, you will express negative emotions. However, if it is positive, your emotions or vibrations will be positive.

• Actions: The body, which is the instrument of the mind, is the only medium through which the conscious and subconscious mind working together are able to express themselves.

Whatever idea is impressed upon the subconscious mind MUST be expressed through the vibration of the molecules in the body. When that vibration becomes strong the body must literally move into action.

For example, when your thoughts and feelings, or your conscious and subconscious mind, are in an orderly state (or in harmony) that order will be expressed in your actions. You will be calm, focused and productive.

When your attitude shifts, everything in your world shifts

As you can see, your attitude is determined by the nature of the ideas that you choose and permit yourself to get emotionally involved in. The physical expression is automatic. It doesn’t matter if the choice is conscious or unconscious. It is what it is. You can say, “I didn’t know,” but that’s too bad; you lose. In life there is no allowance for ignorance. So I hope you clearly understand why you should never blame another person, or conditions or circumstances for any challenge you have in life…

If you are having a problem, your conscious choice is where the problem originates. Similarly, conscious choice is where are all future success and genius begins.

It’s your time!
Courtesy of Akuma

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