237Music: Tutu-B – YOU

On the occasion of his birthday, Tutu-B releases a new audio single titled YOU as a gift to his fans.

This track titled YOU by Tutu-B is a dedication to all those who love and support him. Hope you all enjoy and look forward to more music from him. A week ago Tutu also released his second single in 2018: Money which continues in the artist’s hustle theme from his previous single #YolReadyKnow and highlights the fact that only hard work can lead to success.

You can listen to YOU here: https://soundcloud.com/tutubiaka/tutu-b-you
You can listen to Money here : https://youtu.be/zwtcQdUvifU

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Instagram : @tutubiaka
Facebook : @TutuBiaka
Snapchat : njengwes_biaka2
Twitter: @TutuBiaka
YouTube : Tutu B

He is releasing this single as an independent artist.

TuTu-B set to drop new single titled YolReadyKnow in a few days

Tutu-B is thrilled to announce the release of his single  YolReadyKnow,  produced by PhillBillBeatz, available everywhere on April 13th 2018…


YolReady Know in the words of Tutu-B himself; “is about the hustle. As youth who aspire to make it in life, we should work hard so as to achieve those things we put up as our goals or objectives in life.”


This talented artist hails from Nyàang in the Centre Region of Cameroon. He is the last of seven siblings and grew up in Buea with his parents. Inspired by his Father (of blessed memory), Tutu strives to be the best version of himself and to share this with the audience through his music.


YolReadyKnow comes after previous releases by the artist like:


Tutu-B is releasing this single as an independent artist.