Pullman’s Wouri Restaurant excels at the Goût de France competition!

The annual French gastronomy competition, Goût de France took place last Wednesday, 21st March 2017 and we were honored to have been part of this event.

The annual French gastronomy competition, Goût de France took place last Wednesday, 21st March 2017 and we were honored to have been part of this event. We were thrilled when we got an invite from FabAfriq Magazine a couple of hours before the event and did everything in our power to have someone represent us so as to get enough scoops for you all our lovely readers.


So… First things first! Lets get to know what Goût de France is all about. The former is a yearly competition brought to life under the initiative of the French Ministry of  Foreign affairs and international development, that assembles 2000 chefs from all 5 continents worldwide to pay tribute to french cuisine and it’s values.

Chef Rose Lissouk

This event permitted all the participating chefs to enhance their cusine as well as enrich thsavoir-faire. This year the prestigious Wouri Restaurant of Pullman Hotel, Douala Rabingha was honoured to have been part of this exquisite initiative. The dinner was set to start at 8:00 pm, at the said time the guests started streaming in. Individuals from different works of life were brought together to not only savour and enjoy the good taste of French cuisine but also to socialize and have a good time.

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Some invited by the hotel management others by fabafriq magazine, bit by bit the hall started getting full and before we knew it almost all the tables were occupied. On a lil chit-chat tour with some of these guests I got to discover the hall was graced with the presence of staff from the Continental Insurance, Benificial life Insurance and Fedafric as well as other residents of the hotel. The talented chef, Rose Lissouk alongside her neatly dressed and competent staff, served us with a delicious 5- course meal. Every detail well taken into account the meal didn’t only look appetizing it tasted sumptious. This meal was sold at 22000FCFA, 5% of which was to be donated to the Agape association situated at Ngangue, Douala towards the construction of a shelter for kids on and in the streets. Moving to the atmosphere…hmmmmm…. It was something else…. It was indeed welcoming and engulfing. In general in was an awesome evening as we got to interact with alot of interesting people. We got to have a lil talk with each and everyone around each table. They all agreed the evening was an awesome one, although most thought it would have been even better if it had been a round table dinner, in other to have communed as a family.

“The Meal was correct” said Thierry

” The meal was like a rolacoster. The entrée didn’t wow me but the fish was really nice. Also the desert was presented very nicely” Peter, Continental Reinsurance, Nairobi

” The event was generally good. They were served in little portions hence enough time to enjoy everything” Let Endeley, Continental Reinsurance, Cameroon

“The meal was awesome… Was a nice discovery” Mark, Beneficial life

Restaurant Wouri of the Pullman hotel Douala Rabingha Selected To Participate in the Gout de France Competition

The Wouri restaurant at the Pullman Douala Rabingha Hotel has been selected among the best restaurants in the world to participate in the third edition of Gout de France.

Restaurant Wouri, the eatery of Pullman Douala Rabingha has been selected amongst the best restaurants in the world, to participate in the third edition of Goût de France. This year’s complete list of competing restaurants would bring together on 21st of March 2017 over 2000 restaurants (including 11 Cameroonian restaurants), 71 cook schools and 150 French embassies from the five continents. These restaurants will be faced with the delicate task to propose meals that show a mix of catering styles, from haute cuisine to quality bistro.


The Wouri Restaurant is one of the best restaurants in Douala thanks to the quality of its services, its menu diversity and cuisine finesse, making it worthy of a 4-star hotel. The restaurant’s participation at the Goût de France will be headed by its Chef, Rose LISSOUK, known for her original and very assorted cuisine. She will have the opportunity on the D-Day to demonstrate her expertise in French Contemporary menus , with a touch of products from the Cameroonian territory.


All gastronomy lovers, Pullman partners and the prestigious clientele are invited to the  Wouri Restaurant, on the 21st of March to not only support Chef Rose LISOUK, but also the AGAPE association.  5% of the funds raised will be donated to this charity organisation to support the construction of a shelter for street children.


Goût de France is an annual event that brings together thousands of chefs across the globe each year for the celebration of French gastronomy. The event is more of an exceptional dinner, with each participating restaurant paying tribute to the excellence of French cuisine, its innovative capacity and the values it represents: sharing, pleasure and respect of good nutrition, good company, and the environment.

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