237Events: Tzy Panchak, Stanley Enow and Ambe set to shutdown YOLO Events!

Tzy Panchak, Stanley Enow and Ambe will be lighting up the stage at the YOLO Events taking place in Buea next week!


YOLO’ could be described as  a mind-altering movement (events, clothing, and what have you!) which intends to grace Cameroonians with the biggest music concerts and networking events in the South West Region.

According to its organizers, Cliq Media and Bonteh Media Network , #YOLO an acronym which means “You Only Live Once,” is a call to live life to its fullest extent, even embracing behavior which carries inherent risk.

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From February 11th through to the 17th, this Ace team promises to put together trendsetting and awesome events for lovers of music and therefore call on the later to come party with some of Cameroon’s heavy weight music stars at Las Vegas Plus in Buea.

YOLO Events


On the 11th February which is youth day, Ambe will be shutting it down at Las Vegas PLus, Buea alongside Wan Shey, Young Holiday and many others. You don’t wanna miss out on that Vitesse effect.

YOLO Events


On the other hand, Tzy Panchak will be chilling with all those celebrating love on the 14th which happens to be Valentine’s Day   at same venue. Alongside Briana Lesley, Bessem, etc. Don’t miss this one they will be singing love into your lives!

YOLO Events


Bee a while Buea felt the heat from this Bayangi Boy! To crown the YOLO Events,  Motherland Empire’s star boy, Stanley Enow will be in Buea on February 17 to thrill fans with some of his hit songs like alongside Skidi boy and many others.