237Music: Young Holiday’s Holiweek EP, More Than Rap

 Vanilla Tunes release the abundantly hyped Debut Extended Play (EP) of their front line rapper – YOUNG HOLIDAY. Discover the Revolution in Standards for Cameroon’s Music.young Holiday - HoliweekHoliweek, The EP” is not just a week’s tale as in 7 days! Holiweek is a movement and brand which hopefully, is going to transcend time and space. The Holiweek spells out the change we all seek in the entertainment industry. This well packaged catalog presents to us a Branded Young Holiday spitting flames in 7 top notch rap songs, beautifully designed clothing line: hoodies, T-shirts, Caps, and an easy way for fans and supporters of industry to conveniently purchase the EP.


At the end of the Holiweek season, we can assure you that either of the following must have happened:

(1) You are thrilled by the 7 epic rap songs

(2) You called Young Holiday, “The best Rapper”

(3)You bought the “Holi-Merchandise” (hoodies, T-shirts, Caps)

(4) You participated in the holiweek selfie contest or

(5) You learned from the Holi-Experience (packaging, promotion, marketing etc.)

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The success of the HoliWeek Season starts with you: you can buy the EP with just 1000frs via Mobile Money (Instructions available at http://www.holiweekep.com), you can spread the good news about the EP, you can participate in the Holi Contest, you can become a distributor of the CDS. Whatever role that suits you, we kindly beseech you to pour in your weight and be glad to be part of Change.young Holiday - Holiweek


This is the chance we have all been waiting for. Let’s make it count, let’s be part of the movement, let’s bring the change we need, and above all, Lets Enjoy Good, Purposeful Music.

EP Available (via mobile money) at the official Website : www.holiweekep.com  #HoliweekEP


Young Holiday – My Music My love ft Gee Reign

Young Holiday now sets the table and stakes high with My Music My Love (MMML). From a neutral perspective, MMML is the New Law of Excellence that personifies

YOUNG HOLIDAY – “MY MUSIC MY LOVE” #MMML Feat Gee Reign – Produced By Ralf Beats and Gee Reign.

young holiday

Music has proven to be the only platform where language is no barrier; Young Holiday now sets the table and stakes high with My Music My Love (MMML). From a neutral perspective, MMML is the New Law of Excellence that personifies musical content by putting lyrics and punchlines that dwarf attempts by other rappers to book a place on the map.

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MY Music My Love is a personification of music, contextually and contently expressed in a metaphorical pattern. A soul touching, inspiring and hope filled masterpiece. A well mastered and appropriately blended piece complemented by Gee Reign’s silky voice on the hook.

It is but normal and natural to say that the tentacles and magic that was emitted during the old school rap is being rejuvenated. He’s not only the best Cameroonian Rapper, he’s equally been identified as the Best African rapper in style and Lyrics.

This is the long awaited masterpiece, in a class of its own. Subscribe to this channel and anticipate Young Holiday’s EP, “The Holi Week“.


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