The fairytale love between Askia and Tiga

Disney brought us up to wait for a prince charming that willl sweep us off our feet. And as little girls, we sit and fantasize about this day. The day we shall meet our prince . You know, the one that will save us from the harsh realities of the world and love our every soul.

The one that will take our rags and give us ball gowns. The one that will wake us up from our pain with a kiss.

As we grew up, the world made us forget about our fantasies. We stopped waiting and believing in Prince charming.

Until our girl reawakened us all. Askia got herself a fine man.

When the artists got dropped from ABR (Alpha Beta records). And as rumours put it, she’s was a drug addict, damaged and the whole virtual world thought there was no light at the end of her tunnel.

Then there came Tiga. He took away her pain with a kiss and made her his own.

Askia gave us glimpses of her relationship as she started constantly posting their relationship on social media . With all the backlash she got from it, her man stood by her through it all.

Helped her pick up from where she was dropped and got her out of the mess. We can’t say for sure, but girl began to glow again. Means something was going right.

And love , love is an elixir to every poison. The poison of social media bullying and of a disoriented past.

When most people thought the relationship was due for doom, Tiga popped the question .

Still after engagement, people said ” engagement no be married oh” .

That anthem filled the air , yet they kept us going with one surprise to another.

Until finally we are here, celebrating their union.

It’s a beautiful love story. One we pray , they never stop writing.

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