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The United States react to the current ongoing civil unrest in Cameroon

The United States react to the current ongoing civil unrest in Cameroon

For a while now North West and South West Regions of Cameroon launched a peaceful strike to let the government know they weren’t happy about the way they the minority were being treated. The Law enforcement forces in the country who are suppose to be protecting the civilians took the streets of Bamenda and eventually Buea to molest, brutalize and kill innocent civilians who were only speaking out for what is truly suppose to be their right. The went as far as breaking into student hostels and destroying their property as well as beating them blue-black. 237Xclusive got wind of the fact the a group of students where being detained and brutalized in Limbe for a crime unknown to all.

It is said that Cameroon is a country where freedom of speech is promoted. But with the recent happenings could we confidently say that is true? Finally the cry of thousands of people through social media was heard and John KirbyAssistant Secretary and Department Spokesperson, Bureau of Public Affairs of the United States issued a press statement yesterday November 28th, 2016 addressing the issue. John Kirby called for restraint over the violation of human rights and fundamental freedom. Will the Cameroon government heed to this appeal? Is the million dollar question everybody is asking. John wrote and I quote
Press Statement
John Kirby
Assistant Secretary and Department Spokesperson, Bureau of Public Affairs
Washington, DC
November 28, 2016

The United States is deeply concerned by the loss of life, injuries and damage as a result of protests that turned violent in Bamenda and Buea, the respective capitals of Cameroon’s Northwestern and Southwestern regions. We call on all parties to exercise restraint, refrain from further violence, and engage in dialogue for a peaceful resolution to the current protests.
The United States urges the Government of Cameroon to protect and defend human rights and fundamental freedoms, ensure that all voices are heard and respected, and preserve the guarantees enshrined in its constitution and international obligations. Apart from the events in Bamenda and Buea, we are also concerned over recent Cameroonian government actions to restrict free expression and peaceful assembly, including ten-year prison sentences for men who exchanged texts referencing Boko Haram and the arrest of 54 members of the opposition Cameroon People’s Party while they were peacefully conducting a party meeting.
The constitution of Cameroon guarantees freedoms of expression, association and peaceful assembly, and we believe that non-threatening rhetoric and activities – especially private conversations and gatherings – warrant neither prosecution nor government censure.
Source: http://www.state.gov/r/pa/prs/ps/2016/11/264595.htm
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