237Profiles: An Insight on Tino Foy – Why he should be considered one of Cameroon’s best writers. 

​Tino Foy, a Buea-based artist or used to be artist, albeit in his own words “now I do music just for fun”. With a degree in technological management and also music producing skills under his belt, it’s of no doubt that in the nearest future, Tino may be considered one of Cameroon’s best writers

Get to know more about Tino Foy the man behind a lot of witty articles on Poise Social …

Tino Foy, a Buea-based artist or used to be artist, albeit in his own words “now I do music just for fun”. With a degree in technological management and also  music producing skills under his belt, it’s of no doubt that in the nearest future, Tino may be considered one of Cameroon’s best writers!
Here’s what he has to say for himself in a brief interview that was carried out by our team.


237Xclusive: For how long have you been writing?

I’m not really sure but I have had to write a lot in my life. Most of the best stuff I have written have never left my computer. I have toyed with many forms of writing. I have movie scripts, short fictional stories and stuff like that, that I have never shared with anyone. I would say I started writing in the direction that many see on PoiseSocial in 2011 but I never took it seriously. I probably wrote about 10 or so articles on my blog https://tinofoy.wordpress.com/ before stoping. I have since deleted most of what I wrote on there. I have an article on there on How I made College (University) so easy for me and it got like 1000 reads in a day. That was in 2012 and when, it felt good but it didn’t mean anything to me. I didn’t even understand that I could use my writing to make an impact. I was just writing because I was bored with school at the time. As for my page PoiseSocial, it will be 8 months old on the 18th of March, 2018.

237Xclusive : Why did you take it up as a challenge to always CORRECT people’s mistakes( some do not know the mistakes they do till they read from your page)?

I’ve always been an unconventional kind of person and it has gotten me in trouble a lot. Because of that, I have been a loner for most of my life and it pushed me to acquire a lot of knowledge to comfortable do the thing that I do without being bullied by the opinions of the conventional mass. I had to make a case for what I am going the ‘wrong’ way so i needed concrete information to back it up, so I had to go out and get that information. I am never really trying to correct people. I mostly just give my own perspective and people compare that with what they get from other people and they think I am making sense. I love reading and I have been reading beyond my textbooks from a very young age – even before I was 10. I also have a wide range of interests so when you aggregate the knowledge I have in different fields, I guess it makes it that I can make connections between things that at face value might seem unrelated.

237Xclusive: What did you read in the university?

I studied Information Technology Management for my undergrad. I started an MBA but I quit towards the end. I thought having it will limit me and I think sitting in a classroom, in the same setting that I have sat for most of my life was not really teaching me anything I don’t know or couldn’t find out on my own. I made the decision in my life not to do things because that is what people do. To me, I needed real life experience and once I understood that, I did not want to waste another day in a classroom. I have been a student all my life. I had nothing else to prove in a classroom. The thing about classrooms is you can always go back to one even at the age of 90 but real life experience that you miss, you can’t get back.

237Xclusive: Why do you write and in your style?

I found out that people like to listen to me speak. They liked my ideas and I made them see things in a different way. Then I found out I am really good at writing too and it is a means of showing the world what I know. Writing to me is like my resume. I am at the point where I have decided not to ever send a resume to any company ever again. If you read what I write and you still need a resume from me, I think we will have trouble working together. I hate textbook mentalities. I think people love my style because it is natural. I really write from the heart and I am honest. I also do not talk about what I do not know or try to get people to do things I have not proven I can do myself. I quit my masters program with four courses left. For me it wasn’t helping me and I was not going to waste six months of my life just because I want to hang a piece of paper on my wall. There are people that I basically hand held through a masters program when I had not gotten my first degree. I did all their assignments and projects and they graduated and had their families come to celebrate with them. Yes, I got paid to do that and in the process, I lost all respect for a degree on paper. Some advice I give out in my writing is contrary to societal norms but I take my own advice all the time and that is why when I write them down you can feel the truth in them. I’m really unscripted.

237Xclusive: Wow what and interesting personality Tino Foy has. It was amazing having him on here. Good job and we hope to read more inspiring and well constructed articles from you in the future.

Thanks for having me, have a nice day!

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