Tzy Panchak stirs a frenzy at a Holiday Show in Buea|| See highlights

Tzy Panchak

Tzy Panchak is rushed out of event venue because of fans’ inability to control themselves…Tzy Panchak


Wednesday 19th July, Kamer’s Finest Afro pop sensation, Tzy Panchak was guest artist at the 7th Edition of the Holiday show organized by renowned journalist, Senator Kletus in Buea.  The Holiday show is one of the many initiatives created to positively influence and keep kids busy during the Summer Holidays. Canal 2 will  broadcast footage of this show every Saturday at 12:30 pm.

The reaction Tzy got from the kids was out of this world. They all started screaming and shouting the minute they saw him. It was so intense his clothes were almost torn off. It was a tug of war for the organizing team to get him on stage so he could perform.  In the midst of all the intense swirling, Tzy managed to show a more tender side of himself when he performed Super Woman.

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At some point during the concert, the kids couldn’t be restrained anymore. Some found their way to the stage. The organizers rushed him out before the end of his performance because the kids were beyond control. Its amazing to see that more and more Cameroonian artists are celebrated. Tzy’s team confirmed to us that since the beginning of the year he had been working on new songs and his upcoming Underrated Album. While being prepared and packaged  for outdoor appearances as well.

“We are taking our time to craft his art and brand him properly. Panchak doesn’t have to be another regular artist. We want him to stand out and take the industry by storm” Marvin Slim, CEO Blunation Recordings

For those who have been complaining of not seeing enough of him, stick to his social media pages to keep up with his movements. He just might be in your area soon! If you are reading from Dschang then get ready because Tzy Panchak is on his way to you. He’s gonna set your city on fire! Watch highlights of his show in Buea below.




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