237Music: Young Holiday – Emmanuel (Album Review)

On the 10th of March, 2019, one of 237’s finest hiphop/rap artist, Eta Ejob known by stage name Young Holiday released his first studio album titled Emmanuel. After having released two EPs with two years of his career; Holiweek & Worth The Wait.

Young Holiday broke into the music scene in 2017 following his debut EP, Holiweek. At that moment it was clear that he was destined for greatness via his rap style and conscious lyrics. Coupled with a silky flow and bars. Fast forward to 2 years down the line, His first and official album was released under Vanilla tunes.

This release was highly anticipated by lovers of Rap and good music in general. He is a lyricist and soon will be a leader of a new generation & style of hiphop in Cameroon. This piece of art which is rich in content is made of 14 tracks in which he raps about societal issues.

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From all indications Young Holiday sets the standards of what I would refer to as conscious and educative rap in Cameroon.

My favourite pick in this album will be ” Blame Game ” featuring Benny Clancy ” The Wolf “. The Vanilla tunes prodigy is clearly on a different from other rappers. He is very hardworking , however, the lack of an outstanding song is a call for concern. He faces similar issues with his previously released projects. This is ot in any way to discredit his work as per this album. I believe every artist certainly needs this at one point in time.

When composing a song, the theme has to be a connection between the artist and his audience. Young Holiday might be preaching but I doubt many connect talk less of convert despite his rich discography within a short time frame. He himself clearly states it is every artist’s dream to produce a hit song someday.

young holiday - emmanuel

The point is not necessarily to change his music brand. All he has to do is make it more entertaining like a few of his colleagues. Maybe we should blame it on the choice of beats? Not so sure.. One could describe this situation as that of a very good teacher who will make you shy away from their class because you do not relate to the topic at hand. How would it look like if he tried performing these singles to an audience at a concert? Please let’s not bring up the “The Cameroonian audience is not ready for this genre of music”. Rappers have done this before and it is believed he could do it again. Before you come at us also that having an outstanding song is not necessary to remember that it’s not just about passion but business as well.

young holiday - emmanuel

As earlier mentioned, this piece is not meant to discredit his work, but to point on the details he needs to work on. All this is to lay emphasis on the fact that there should be more connection between the artist and his audience. if his A&R team put in more work in overseeing his recording process we should expect better results. given the fact that he is young and also has a baby career we believe there is much room for improvement.

We would rate this album a 6/10. If you haven’t got a copy of the album. Click on the link below. We will be looking forward to your own reviews.

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